Primo Network Adventures, an industry that stands out in the area of travel fulfillment, believes that any traveler looking for an exciting vacation should make a point to visit San Francisco, California. This city offers many unique places to visit, along with rich history and culture, along with a wide variety of fun activities to do. Here are some of the top things to see while in town.

To get a taste of different types of Asian culture, there are a couple of other places to visit. First, San Francisco is home to one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world. This area is the perfect way to glimpse unique architecture, authentic Chinese restaurants, and shops that offer some traditional souvenirs. For those interested in additional information about Asian life, Primo Network Adventures knows that Japantown is another area to learn more about their culture, including cuisine, artwork, literature, and even antiques.

Beyond the bay is the former federal prison Alcatraz Island, which once housed many infamous convicts, including Al Capone. A ferry brings in tourists throughout the year to visit the notable site, a part of American history. There are guided tours that include the option of being able to go inside of an actual prison cell, along with listening to audio information to learn more while you walk around. This is one great way to spend time while visiting San Francisco.

Alcatraz Prison Island In San Francisco Bay, Offshore From San F

For those who have never had the opportunity to visit San Francisco, Primo Network Adventures is confident that this area will bring enjoyment and fond memories for years to come for all who see.

This is your time exploring and taking more adventures with Primo and our vast network of fine resorts and hotels. Cruises are starting to get all booked up since people are getting ready to take the adventures they have been longing for. Now is the time to enjoy the best of times with you and your family. Why not choose all the beautiful destinations Primo has to offer and give us a call.

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