Primo Network Adventures Recommends a visit to Kimberley British Columbia, a small town located in the Rocky Mountains is perfect for numerous all-season adventures. The city is also known as the Bavarian City of the Rockies and blends with the European Alpine finesse with a rural mountain lifestyle that makes it a friendly and eccentric community.

Although its lifestyle may be a little laid-back, the amount of things to do even excites the locals. Many fun and entertaining activities can be enjoyed in its city limits that visitors will find interesting like its three championship golf courses, a ski resort, many festivals, and an extensive trail system.

Primo Network Adventures Reviews Outdoor Activities

Primo Network Adventures members say that people, who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and snowshoeing, should check out Kimberley Nature Park and Louis Creek Trails headed. Moreover, to enjoy a truly unique and relaxing Kimberley wilderness experience, tourists should head to Lussier Hot Springs and Buhl Creek. The best time to visit these natural hot springs in late summer when they are at their warmest and the river level is at its lowest.

Hiking in mountains with Primo Network Adventures

Some undeveloped hot springs also lie along the creek’s edge; however, the surrounding scenery is fascinating. These springs are fitting for families and are quite popular, especially on weekends. Buhl Creek Springs features clear water and is free of sulphuric odor but is located in more remote areas, and the ones who are ready to enjoy extreme adventures can visit it.

Primo Network Adventures members know that after a visit to the hot springs in the morning, tourists can take a stroll and enjoy stunning scenery, mountain landscapes, and garden views. In summer, walks around Nina’s Hillside Garden and the small village to see the tens of thousands of blooms in Cominco Gardens are recommended. The best time to visit this peaceful setting is between June and August. In Kimberley, the popular eatery Gasthaus Am Platzl is the place t be; their menu offers everything from burgers and fries to European, Mediterranean, Canadian, Tapas, Thai, Chinese, and German cuisines. As options to satisfy any appetite are numerous, and if you are interested in an exceptional dining experience, then it is the place to be in.

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