Primo Network Adventures knows that having your luggage and bags pre-checked in and signed up online before you arrive at the airport save you time and aggravation.

If you have your luggage and bags pre-checked through the airlines online portal at your home, you can save valuable time in the process of boarding and pre-departure activities.

Primo Network Adventures Top Tips 2020

So how you do this is first you start by packing all your bags including your carry-on bag. Start with packing your carry-on bag early and keep the first tip in mind pack lightly but appropriately as much as possible.

Make sure all valuables including your medications are in your carry on. Never check your meds on a flight. Bags get lost then what will you do? So have one extra outfit and the most precious items on your carry on.

If you do need the extra suitcase, then that is the next item you pack and at the same time keep in mind that chances that you will be buying something while you are traveling are very high.

Primo Network Adventures suggests you save some space open in your suitcase for the items that you know you will end up buying.

Then log onto the airline’s webpage with your information and enter the number of the bags that you are taking with you. You should not include your carry-on bag unless they ask about that in particular. At this point, the webpage will probably ask you for your credit card information, and that is fine as it is charging you for their luggage fee.

Primo Network Adventures recommends that you check to make sure that webpage is secure before you proceed through. Then you will want to print the luggage tag or receipt that the webpage gives you and bring that to the airport with you as well as your other items.

Remember bottles of liquor should be in check luggage or if you buy at duty-free, no worries they will have it the boarding gate.
Primo Network Adventures wishes you safe and happy travels.

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