Primo Network Adventures has experienced an unprecedented increase in membership during the months of February and March 2021.

Primo Network Adventures membership exploded in winter 2021. A vacation membership club based in the United States, Primo has seen unprecedented growth in its membership in 2021, necessitating the need to open a new office.

Primo memberships exploded in winter 2021 directly to ever-increasing travel costs due to rising oil prices and worldwide inflation.

According to travel industry experts, the expected lifting of even more travel restrictions due to COVID-19 is also a significant factor in increasing memberships. Once a travel club that customarily only made discounts available to those people within the travel industry, Primo has seen its popularity grow exponentially over the last few years.

Primo Network Adventures Explodes in Spring 2021

Most new members cite one of two reasons for joining the travel club. Many new members expressed interest in the steep discounts offered by the company. John R of Arlington, VA, wrote, “The only reason my family can afford a vacation this summer is that we joined Primo last September. The discounts made all the difference.”

Other new members lost their travel clubs due to worldwide travel restrictions, but Primo has seen unprecedented growth through these difficult times. Unlike other travel companies, with Primo, members do not lose their previously accrued points. Jinny S of New Jersey wrote, “Having the option to save or transfer my previous travel points was what led to my choosing Primo Network Adventures. Many of the other travel clubs I contacted have recently disappeared and weren’t willing to even discuss my previous points, let alone honor them.”

Primo Network Adventures is based in the USA. The company offers travel packages and perks and discount condo weeks throughout the year, and discount travel services through affiliated travel agencies.

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